August 1918

Achiet-le-Grand during WW1




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190th Bde    

4th Bn Bedfords

7th Bn Royal fusiliers

1/28th Bn London Regt   (Artists' Rifles)

188th Bde         

6th Bn (Howe)

8th Bn (Anson)

1st Royal Marine light infantry

189th Bde 

1st Bn (Drake)

2nd Bn (Hawke)

5th Bn (Nelson)

7th Bn (Hood)


14th Bn Worcestershire Regt





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Troops involved in the recapture of Achiet-le-Grand (Attack South East at 4.55 am)

DCLI= Duke of Cornwall's light infantry( Bristol Pals)

KRR= King's Royal rifle 

MAP 1 Advance of the 21st August

MAP 2 Positions on the 23rd August

I haven't got information on 63rd Brigade on the 23rd August

On the Left of the 37th Division was the 3rd Division and on its right the New Zealand Division

                                     37th Division  21st August 1918                

111th brigade                   112th Brigade                63rd brigade(right)

13th Rifle brigade                     1st Essex left                            8th Somerset light infantry left           

13th KRR                                 1/1st Hertfordshire right               8th Lincolnshire left       

10th Royal fusiliers                                                                       4th Middlesex right             

                                                                                                     13th Royal fusiliers right

63rd RN Division                            5th Division Attack 6.25am


 190th  Brigade right                   15th Brigade left                     95th Brigade                     

                                                                 1st Cheshire  left                                   1st East Surreys left        

                                                                 16th Warwicks right                              1st Devons right

 188th Brigade                                   1st Norfolk  left                                    12th Gloucesteshire?

                                                                 1st Bedfordshire right                           1st DCLI?



 189th Brigade






TANKS (not complete)

The Third Army was allotted the 1st, 2nd, 3rd tank Brigade

  • 1st Brigade: 3rd Medium A, 7th Mark IV,10th Mark V & 17th Armoured cars.

  • 2nd Brigade: 6th Medium A, 12th Mark IV, 15th Mark V.

  • 3rd Brigade: 9th Mark V, 11th Mark V, 14th Mark V.

  • 73rd RAF Squadron and 8 th Squadron attached to the tank corps for counter battery work.

Allotment  to IV Corps for 3rd Tank Bn

37th Division

  • 2 Companies 7th Tank Bn 20 Tanks Mk IV

5th Division and 63rd RND

  • First 2 Companies & a section of the 7th Tank Bn 28 Tanks Mk IV + secondly

  • 1 Company Mk V 10th Tank Bn and 1 Company"Whippets" 3rd Tank Bn 13 Tanks for each one of these Divisions.

  • co-orperation of 1 companie Whippets 3rd Light Tank Bn 13 Tanks

  • 6 Amoured Cars 17th Amoured Cars Bn