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90 years later

On 24th May 2009, a plaque dedicated to W.K.WEBBER was replaced


                                                                                                                                              Betty's photo on the Daily Echo

2352 Sapper Frank H.W Holmes 2nd/1st (West Riding)Divisional Signal Company Royal engineers later 62nd Signal C

R.E.Mortimer Wheeler (royal field artillery)




 "Two German guns had been left , ownerless and tempting after heavy fighting two days earlier (22nd August 1918), Wheeler, a sergeant and a team of volunteers set of to get them.  Instructions were left to plaster the mound with smoke shell until Wheeler and his team returned. They moved on reaching the guns without mishap. They loaded the guns with great difficulty and managed to get back to their battery with no casualties. Throughout the night both German guns fired German gas shells back to their rightful owners"  

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