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In 1914, Achiet-le-grand had a population of about 500 people.

The village was very active because of the train station and the veal market, it took place every Saturday (300 veal were for sale). On the 2nd August 1914, the residents of Achiet heard words of war.       

Many men on their way to join the army by train stopped at Achiet for a few minutes, the villagers gave them their support by offering treats and comfort. The British troops arrived in the first two weeks of August, and then moved on (no more details). On the 27th August, Achiet-le-Grand was in the middle of the German and French patrols.

Many German troops arrived on the 18th September and the colonel established his headquarters at the chateau of Tourtois in Bihucourt. The French soldiers retreated to establish camp in Logeast Wood until the 3rd October when the fighting began.

Between Achiet and Courcelles the loss of men was enormous and the citizens of both villages were ordered to bury the dead men.  The men aged 14 to 50 were sent to Germany to work in camps and the women had to take over daily tasks.

Every year the closest Sunday to the 3rd October is a remembrance day at Courcelles-le-comte .

Thanks to the senior citizen

Blog consacré au Carnet de route 1914 - 1918 de Roger STAQUET-FOURNÉ   huitième jour de la bataille d'Achiet-le-grand

Blog consacré au Carnet de route 1914 - 1918 de Roger STAQUET-FOURNÉ