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Achiet-le-Grand during WW1




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I wanted to honour the memory of the airmen  buried in Achiet cemetery ( RFC, RNAS, RAF ).

I contacted the Royal Air Force cadets which responded to my suggestion to come to Achiet-le-Grand on the remembrance day.

The hertz&bucks wing cadets was chosen and on the 11th November 2006, they attended  the ceremony for the first time at Achiet.  

 Herts & Bucks Wing    






The ceremony started at 10 Am at Achiet-le-Grand communal cemetery extension then we had the traditional ceremony at the French monument in the village. Later everyone walked toward the “Salle des fêtes” for a drink and  discovered a photographic exhibition owned by the ONAC “national office of old combatants”, the equivalent of the Royal British Legion.

It was a very emotional ceremony, especially when a cadet read out all the names of the air force casualties.

RAF cadets at Achiet-le-Grand

The service was conducted by REV. Paul T Wilcock Force Chaplain coordinator

Since 2006 they come each year on the 11th November